Catching Caytie, by Cindy Roland Anderson

I have to admit, I’m jealous of Cindy’s shoes. Her book covers always have the most awesome shoes. The cover for Cindy’s Snow Valley romance, Catching Caytie, isn’t finished yet so I can’t post it here. But I’m sure it will be fabulous and rumor is it’s got a killer pair of cowboy boots.


To escape being trapped in an unwanted marriage, Caytie Holbrook hides out at her uncle’s ranch in Snow Valley, Montana. She intends to stay long enough to inherit a trust fund her grandmother left and then move to Italy…that is until she meets Jace McAllister, an incredibly sexy—although somewhat grumpy—cowboy who threatens to disrupt her plans


Jace suddenly appeared in the doorway. The baseball cap he wore didn’t hide the concern etched on his face. “What’s going on?”

Ilene twisted the corner of her apron in her hands. “I think I pushed him too hard.” She visibly paled when Kellen slammed a door shut.

“Want me to go talk to him?” Jace asked.

“No, honey.” Ilene looked toward the kitchen. “I better go do it. I need to apologize.”

Ilene glanced over at Caytie. “I’m sorry you had to see that. Kellen has always been such a sweet boy.”

“He’s hurting.” Caytie offered her a smile. “For the record, I’d bid on Kellen.”

Jace’s eyebrows shot up. “Pardon me?”

Ilene laughed. “I’ll let Caytie explain. She can tell you all about it while you eat dinner. Your plate is in the fridge.” She moved across the floor and said, “By the way, Jace, I’m counting on your help with the ladies auxiliary fundraiser at Founder’s Day next week.”

“I’ll do whatever you need me to do.”

“That’s the spirit,” Ilene said. “With your good looks, you’ll bring in a lot of money.”

What?” Jace asked.

Ilene kept her back to them and waved her hand. “Ask Caytie.”

She disappeared through the door, leaving Caytie and Jace alone. He looked at her expectantly. “Well?”

She sized him up, not sure if she liked him better in a cowboy hat or a baseball hat. “Remember, don’t shoot the messenger.”

“Geez, am I gonna be as ticked as Kellen?” He took off his ball cap and ran a hand through his hair.

Probably. “That all depends on how you feel about auctions.”

His chocolate colored eyes looked confused. “As long as no one is trying to sell my favorite horse, I like them fine.”

“Great,” she said, passing by him on her way toward the kitchen. “Your horse isn’t going to be auctioned off. You are.”

About CindyCindy Roland Anderson

Cindy Roland Anderson is the bestselling author of clean, contemporary romance filled with humor, romantic tension and some pretty great kissing scenes. Cindy has a degree in nursing, and worked in the NICU until she recently retired to write full time. She loves to bake, not cook (there is a difference!) and enjoys spending time with her family.

Cindy is lucky to be married to her best friend John. They live in Northern Utah and are parents to five incredible children. Over the past few years their family has expanded by adding a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law and four adorable grandchildren. Cindy loves to read, almost as much as she loves writing. And she loves chocolate—probably a little too much.

Fun Facts

Cindy has won a few things on the radio, like $5000 dollars when they were poor college students, and a trip to Mazatlan when Oliver North, a family friend to her in-laws, called the radio station to win the contest for who knew the most famous person.

Cindy once chased down a criminal in downtown Washington DC when she discovered he had just broken into several cars, including her mother-in-law’s. When the DC cops asked her what she was going to do with the guy if she’d caught him, she told them she wasn’t sure but wanted to tell him how wrong stealing was. That made them laugh, and one of them good-naturedly suggested her naivety might have something to do with where she was from as he pointed to the “I’m from Utah” T-shirt she had on. Incidentally, they also thanked her since the thief dropped two of the duffel bags he’d stolen out of one car in order to get away from the Utah woman chasing after him.

Visit Cindy’s Website for more info.

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