Excerpt from Skyriders

Skyriders cover FINAL_SmallThe Crystal Caves are open to everyone and the schools even take field trips here. But I’ve never been, because no one can carry me this high. No one but …

Cael is across the chamber, wandering around with his hands clasped behind his back. He lives here; he can come to the cave anytime he wants. This trip is specifically for me.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” My voice bounces and echoes around the room.

He turns and raises one eyebrow. “Why shouldn’t I be nice to you?”

“Well, you should,” I say. “But there’s nice and then there’s nice.”

He comes toward me. “So which one is this?” he asks in a slightly husky voice.

I’ve forgotten how to breathe. The crystals throw rainbows of light across his face, and I can see them reflected in his gray eyes as he comes even closer.

“This is nice, definitely,” I squeak.

My heart is hammering crazy fast, and then gets even faster when he leans down and softly brushes his lips across mine.

I tremble, and then he kisses me again and I’m kissing him back and I forget everything else except for the feel of his mouth on mine. His arms slide around my waist and mine are around his neck and I discover his hair is exactly as silky as I’d imagined.

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