Just released – Skyriders!

Skyriders cover FINAL_SmallI’m so excited to release Skyriders, my newest Young Adult novella and the first book in a planned trilogy. Skyriders is the story of Ary, a teenage Skyrider who lives with her family high in the cliffs of Mount Ellyd where the wind currents are strong and riding is easy – for everyone but Ary.

Let’s get one thing straight right off. We’re not fairies; we’re Skyriders. Fairies live in the valley; we live in the mountains. Fairies have multicolored wings that stream fairy dust; our wings are pure white, and the only thing streaming off them are ice crystals when we ride so high the morning dew becomes frozen diamond drops.

Up there, the mountains look like wrinkles and the forests are smudges. The air is sharp and the clouds are brittle, like spun sugar. The cold bites our cheeks and the wind whips our hair as we turn into it, gauging the speed and the lift. We angle our wings to catch the current; then the wind takes over and we are riding. Swooping, spinning, turning, and dancing. There’s nothing like it … so I hear.

Go here to get Skyriders from Amazon

Go here to read an excerpt from Skyriders

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