Masaru Emoto and the power of the positive

I took my daughter to San Diego last week to see Lindsey Stirling in concert. It was over 1600 miles round trip and so worth it. My daughter is a little quirky — we’ve had her tested and she’s not quite Asperger’s, but she struggles socially. No matter what we did or what we tried, she’s had a hard time and it breaks my heart.

Then we found Lindsey Stirling. She has been very open about her own quirkiness and her struggle with growing up “feeling different” from everyone else and her journey toward self-acceptance. My daughter identified with her immediately and has taken her words to heart. She is doing better now.

At the concert, Lindsey talked about Masaru Emoto and his water experiments. In a nut shell, he exposed water to various stimuli including music, pictures, and words, some positive and some negative. Then they took photographs of the water and observed the crystal structure after the stimuli.

It’s amazing! The water that was exposed to positive things produced delicate, complex crystals while the water that got the negative stimuli produced only dark, lumpy masses. It was a literal representation of how important positive stimuli can be.

Our bodies are more than 60 percent water. So by choosing to expose ourselves to positive things, can we literally change the makeup of our cells?

I’ve been making an effort to be more conscious of my thoughts and I’ve been surprised how quickly my brain jumps to “worst case scenario” in almost any situation. Now I am working to retrain my brain to see the positive first. It’s a process, but it’s already having an impact. I feel happier than I’ve felt in a long time.

I invite you to join me. Find joy and hope instead of sadness and despair. Choose faith instead of fear and love instead of hate. I think we can all agree that the world could use more happiness and there’s no better place or time to start than here and now.

See the photographs and find out more about Masaru Emoto
Find out more about Lindsey Stirling

With love,

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