The Rebellious One will be Released April 12!

The Rebellious One FINAL SmallThe Rebellious One

A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance

by Jeanette Lewis

Holly Clarke is all set to marry the man of her dreams. Or rather, the man of her parents’ dreams. Whoever heard of a girl in 2016 America being betrothed? Holly knows she has to find a way out of the engagement – especially when she meets handsome, sexy Jordan Fischler. But Jordan has a secret that may result in the end of everything Holly knows.

Available on Amazon April 12, 2016

After the problems I had with the presale for The Passionate One, I’m a little spooked to put The Rebellious One up for sale until it’s totally ready to download. I might squeak it in a day or two early if I get my final edits back and everything goes well, but plan on April 12 for the official release date. Eee!!!

Isn’t the cover fantastic? I adore those shoes!!!

Go here to read an excerpt from The Rebellious One.

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